Valve Acrylic Signage

Multiple Process | Acrylic | CNC Cut | Laser Engraved

We are excited to have been given the recent opportunity to work with Valve on a series of engraved acrylic signs. Through this opportunity we were able to push the limits of what is physically possible with a laser cutter/ engraver and in fact defined a new quality tier for our engraving. The following are shots of those signs provided by Valve for our use.

GDC2015_SteamBatch1-6 Room8 PublicDay02-3GDC2015_SteamBatch1-2

We look forward to working with Valve in the future and hope you look forward to seeing what we can do with them in the future as well. Check out all of Valve here or the product line that Valve used our signs to promote here!

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