Tarsan I Jane Metal Sign

Multiple Process | Plasma Cutting | Selective Powder Coating | Artificially Primed Rusting

We recently had the opportunity to make a sign that not only fulfilled the customer’s needs but also helped us to develop a new method for coating metal. It is always exciting to learn something new out of an interaction such as this and we are pleased to now offer selective powder coating to our clients.

The process we developed involves the use of our very own laser cutter, some industry specific masking material, and a locally trusted powder coating facility. After the selective powder coating process is complete, we artificially primed the surface to rust and let nature do the rest. The powder coating ensures that, unlike paint, the design will not flake nor degrade as soon as the metal rusts.




Above you can see the piece from it’s stages in masking, through powder coating, then weeding, and finally rusting.




The finished product is four by six feet (4’x6′) in dimension and sits on the walls of Tarsan I Jane, a new local restaurant located on the border of Ballard and Fremont.

To learn more, visit: http://www.tarsanijane.com/

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