Lichtenburg Figures

Lichtenburg Figures – a.k.a. Lighting Engraving Research and Development | High Voltage | Transformer | Wood After experimenting with one of our new 12kV transformers to make a Jacob’s Ladder, we tried re-purposing them to create the shockingly beautiful Lichtenburg Figures. While the method of generating Lichtenburg Figures has been pioneered by many before us, […]

Miniature Fremont Business Models

Have a Heart | Laser Cut Acrylic | Clay Sculpting | Model Making We were recently contacted by Have a Heart Recreational Dispensary about an installation for their Fremont location. They tasked us with the delightful project of making caricatured scale models of many of the businesses and monuments around the Fremont Area. After our […]

Acrylic Waveforms and Rowing Shell Artist Book

Multiple Material | Acrylic | Laser Cut | Rowing Shell | Footboard In the most recent artist book by Suze Woolf, we got the privilege of cutting the acrylic to help build symbolic piece that includes the footboards and actual fiberglass shell of an old rowing shell. The clear laser cut acrylic helps to build […]

Tarsan I Jane Metal Sign

Multiple Process | Plasma Cutting | Selective Powder Coating | Artificially Primed Rusting We recently had the opportunity to make a sign that not only fulfilled the customer’s needs but also helped us to develop a new method for coating metal. It is always exciting to learn something new out of an interaction such as […]

Verellen Amplifiers

Laser Engraving | Plywood Ben Verellen of Verellen Amplifiers has been using our services for laser engraving for almost a year now and is one of our valued local customers. As such, we thought it would be great to show some work we have done for him in the past as well as where those engravings […]