Precision Watch Part

We recently got the opportunity from a private client to recreate a precision watch part in a new material. The part was to be a reproduction of a since-discontinued threaded nut made originally from red plastic but now only available in stainless steel.

We began the process by taking precise measurements to determine profile dimensions of the piece as well as the inner diameters and corresponding thread pitch. We then modeled the part in Computer Aided Design Software (CAD).

After drafting the part, we laser cut it into rough blanks for further processing.

Next, the nuts were counter-bored and threaded with a high precision and exotic tap special ordered for this project.

The pieces were sanded to the exact thickness of the original and checked using a micrometer. They were finalized with a slight chamfer on the exterior of the piece and checked one more time for imperfections before being accepted.

The final quantity will receive an ultrasonic bath and be delivered to our client for their personal use in watches.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making parts for watches or reproducing parts of any kind, let us know!

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