Miniature Fremont Business Models

Have a Heart | Laser Cut Acrylic | Clay Sculpting | Model Making

We were recently contacted by Have a Heart Recreational Dispensary about an installation for their Fremont location.

They tasked us with the delightful project of making caricatured scale models of many of the businesses and monuments around the Fremont Area. After our own David Chrobuck secured permission from each of the business’s owners to depict them we set out remake our neighborhood.

We started with a photographic survey of the area, shooting pictures of each business in detail. This trip was not only to capture relative dimensions but also to experience each business with this project in mind, watching to figure out what aspects/art/features of the businesses made them worthy of note.

After the shoot, designer Tyler Fishbone took all the photos and translated them into layered models to be laser cut from acrylic. This task yielded intricate plans and models of each business, some including 11 or more different colors of acrylic, as in Benghazi Benny’s iconic mural on the Professional Engravers building.

Once the CAD was finished, the laser cutting and fabrication commenced. This effort was led by David Chrobuck and assisted by Tyler Fishbone, Melissa Rivera, Peter Golgert and Chris Adkisson. Each model was painstakingly laid out and glued together with a combination of acrylic solvents.

The results were fantastic!

In our shop laid the neighborhood of Fremont, which you can now find inside Have a Heart Fremont.

The images below are photos of the pieces on location after the employees had a chance to adorn them with some lighting.

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