Lichtenburg Figures

Lichtenburg Figures – a.k.a. Lighting Engraving

Research and Development | High Voltage | Transformer | Wood

After experimenting with one of our new 12kV transformers to make a Jacob’s Ladder, we tried re-purposing them to create the shockingly beautiful Lichtenburg Figures. While the method of generating Lichtenburg Figures has been pioneered by many before us, we wanted to experiment for ourselves to examine if and how we could use it for client work in the future.

Each piece of wood is first coated with a conductive solution. Electrodes are then placed on either side of the material and the current is passed through the pieces of wood. The burning pattern is organically generated from the electricity burning a path in order to complete the circuit.





After developing this process internally to some beautiful results we are excited to now offer it as a service for our clients for use in signs, furniture, art, and more.

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