Multiple Process | Acrylic | CNC Cut | Laser Engraved We are excited to have been given the recent opportunity to work with Valve on a series of engraved acrylic signs. Through this opportunity we were able to push the limits of what is physically possible with a laser cutter/ […]

Valve Acrylic Signage

What does a laser cutter do? Laser cutting technology has existed industrially since 1965 and is still being innovated and improved upon today as a prototyping and manufacturing technique. The laser beam we use is a generated by passing a large DC (Direct Current) through a CO2 gas mix, then […]

A Guide To Laser Cutter Funtions

Multiple Material | Mat Board | Dendritic Rhyolite | Laser Cut Featuring yet another beautiful artist book from Suze Woolf, this book not only shows the transformation of the shape through the pages but also the mineral element as each veined etching changes shape. The following images depict the final […]

Mat Board and Dendritic Rhyolite Artist Book

Multiple Material | Acrylic | Cedar | Oak Dowel As a proof-of-concept project, the chamfered laser cutting started out as a question of whether we could do it or not. After initial trials proved successful; we moved on to develop a simple product that could benefit from the process and continue […]

Chamfered Laser Cut Knife